NR 200/11 H2 for heat treatment under hydrogen Charging of the NRA 300/06 furnace with a pallet truck

Bayonet quick-lock for the retort, also with electric drive as additional equipment


Parallel guided door to open the hot furnace as additional equipment

H2 Version for Operation under Hydrogen

When hydrogen is used as a process gas, the furnace is additionally equipped with the required safety technology. Only certified and industry proven safety sensors are used. The furnace is controlled by a fail-safe PLC control system (S7- 300F/safety controller).

  • H2 supply at controlled overpressure of 50 mbar relative
  • Certified safety concept
  • PLC controls with graphic touch panel H 3700 for data input
  • Redundant gas inlet valves for hydrogen
  • Monitored pre-pressures of all process gases
  • Bypass for safe flushing of furnace chamber with inert gas
  • Torch for thermal afterburning of exhaust gases
  • Emergency flood container for purging the furnace in case of failore

thermprozesstechnik_englisch catalogue Thermal Process Technology

thermprozesstechnik_englisch catalogue Thermal Process Technology