NRA 480/04S


NRA 50/09 H2


Vacuum pump for cold evacuation of the retort

Basic version

  • Compact housing in frame design with removable stainless steel sheets
  • Controls and gas supply integrated in the furnace housing
  • Welded charging supports in the retort or air-baffle box in the furnace with atmosphere circulation
  • Swivel door hinged on right side with open cooling water system
  • Multi-zone control for 950  °C and 1100  °C version, separated by furnace chamber and door. Depending on furnace chamber additionally subdivided into one or several heating zones
  • Temperature control as charge control with temperature measurement inside and outside the retort
  • Gas supply system for one non-flammable protective or reaction gas with flow meter and solenoid valve, switchable via the control system
  • Operation under vacuum up to 600  °C with optional single-stage rotary vane pump
  • Port for vacuum pump for cold evacuation
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • PLC controls with touch panel H 700 for data input (resp. P 300 for 650  °C-version)

Additional equipment

  • Upgrade for other non-flammable gases
  • Automatic gas injection, including MFC flow controller for alternating volume flow, PLC controlled with touch panel H 3700
  • Vacuum pump for evacuating of the retort up to 600  °C, attainable vacuum up to 10-5 mbar subject to selected pump
  • Cooling system for shortening process times
  • Heat exchanger with closed-loop cooling water circuit for door cooling
  • Measuring device for residual oxygen content