Lift-Bottom­-Retort Furnace up to 2400 °C for Production
LBVHT 600/24-GR LBVHT 250/20-W with tungsten heating chamber

LBVHT with graphite heating chamber

LBVHT 100/16 - LBVHT 600/24

The LBVHT model series with lift-bottom specification are especially suitable for production processes which require either protective or reaction gase atmosphere or a vacuum. The basic performance specifications of these models are similar to the VHT models. Their size and design with electro-hydraulically driven table facilitate charging during production. The furnaces are available in various sizes and designs. Similar like the VHT models, these furnaces can be equipped with different heating concepts.

  • Standard furnace sizes between 100 and 600 liters
  • Designed as lift-bottom retort furnace with electro-hydraulically driven table for easy and well-arranged charging
  • Prepared to carry heavy charge weights
  • Different heating concepts using
    • Graphite heating chamber up to Tmax 2400  C
    • Molybdenum heating chamber up to Tmax 1600  C
    • Tungsten heating chamber up to Tmax 2000  C
  • Frame structure filled with textured stainless steel sheets
  • Standard design with gassing system for non-flammable protective or reaction gases
  • Automatic gas supply system which also allows for operation with several process gases as additional equipment
  • Gas supply systems for operating with hydrogen or other combustible reaction gases incl. safety package as additional equipment
  • Switchgear and control box as well as gassing system integrated into the furnace housing
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • Further product characteristics of the standard furnace as well as possible additional equipment can be found in the description of the VHT furnaces
ModelTmaxModelTmaxModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeElectrical
 °C °C °CØhin lconnection*
LBVHT 100/16-MO1600LBVHT 100/20-W2000LBVHT 100/24-GR24004507001003-phase
LBVHT 250/16-MO1600LBVHT 250/20-W2000LBVHT 250/24-GR24006009002503-phase
LBVHT 600/16-MO1600LBVHT 600/20-W2000LBVHT 600/24-GR240080012006003-phase
*Please see page 76 for more information about supply voltage