VHT 8/16 MO with hydrogen extension package and process box
Process Box for Debinding in Inert Gas

Certain processes require charges to be debinded in non-flammable protective or reactive gases. For these processes we fundamentally recommend a hot-wall retort furnace (see models NR… or SR…). These furnaces can ensure that the formation of condensation will be avoided as throughly as possible.

If there is no way to avoid the escape of small amounts of residual binder during the process, even in the VHT furnace, the furnace should be designed to meet this contingency.

The furnace chamber is equipped with an additional process box that has a direct outlet to the exhaust gas torch through which the exhaust gas can be directly vented. This system enables a substantial reduction in the amount of furnace chamber contamination caused by the exhaust gases generated during debinding.

Depending on the exhaust gas composition the exhaust gas line can be designed to include various options.

  • Exhaust gas torch for burning off the exhaust gas
  • Condensation trap for separating out binding agents
  • Exhaust gas post-treatment, depending on the process, via scrubbers
  • Heated exhaust gas outlet to avoid condensation deposits in the exhaust gas line
 VHT ...-../GRVHT ...-../MOVHT ...-18/WVHT ...-18/KE
Tmax1800 °C or 2200 °C1200 °C or 1600 °C1800 °C1800 °C
Inert gas
Air/Oxygenup to 350 °C--
Rough vacuum and fine vacuum (>10-3 mbar)2
High vacuum (<10-3 mbar)-2
Material of heaterGraphiteMolybdenumTungstenMoSi2
Material of insulationGraphite feltMolybdenumTungsten/MolybdenumCeramic fiber
1Up to 1400 °C 3Only with safety package for flammable gases
2Depending on Tmax
ModelInner dimensions of process box in mmVolume
 wdhin l
VHT 8/..1202101503,5
VHT 40/..25043025025,0
VHT 70/..32547532550,0
VHT 100/..42550042590,0
VHT 250/..575700575230,0
VHT 500/..725850725445,0
ModelInner dimensions in mmVolumeMax. chargeOuter dimensions in mmHeating power in kW4
 wdhin lweight/kgWDHGraphiteMolybdenumTungstenCeramic fiber
VHT 8/..170240200851250 (800)1110020002719/3435012
VHT 40/..300450300403016002100230083/103254/100313430
VHT 70/..3755003757050170025002400105/125270/130316055
VHT 100/..45055045010075190026002500131/155290/165321085
VHT 250/..600750600250175230028002800180/2102125/2203on requeston request
VHT 500/..750900750500350250032003000220/2602on requeston requeston request
1With the switching system unit removed 31200 °C/1600 °C
21800 °C/2200 °C 4Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher